Airdrop Campaign: We'll conduct an airdrop campaign to distribute tokens to early supporters and community members, promoting wider adoption and participation in the Smudge Cat ecosystem.

  • Fair Launch and PinkSale Presale: We'll start with a fair launch and presale on PinkSale to ensure equitable token distribution.

  • Fast Track CG and CMC Listing: After the initial launch, our priority will be to expedite the listing process on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap for broader visibility.

  • Community Building on Telegram: Simultaneously, we'll focus on building our community on Telegram to facilitate engagement and provide updates to our supporters.

  • Staking Integration: We'll integrate staking functionality, allowing users to lock their tokens and earn rewards, enhancing participation and incentivizing long-term holding.

  • Multichain Swap Development: Our team will develop a multichain swap feature, enabling seamless token swaps across multiple blockchains for enhanced liquidity and accessibility.

  • NFT Game Development: We'll commence development on the Smudge Cat NFT game, where players can nurture virtual kittens to earn rewards, fostering engagement and gamification within the community.

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